What CPF Capital does for you

CPF Capital is part of an international group that has successfully yielded over 2 billions dollars of its clients’ money in the past 8 years. Our company has designed portfolios for all levels of investors from the beginner levels up to world class investors. We also went a step further and provide our clients with the flexibility of managing their own strategy, send money to other users, invest in pools, stake their unused funds and more.

Strategic Planning

Consult with our advisors

A team of advisors is available for our clients to help them plan the financial aspect of their retirement, a project, a business and more.

Pool investments

Raise funds for a project

Clients already investing in CPF Capital have the possibility to request the creation of a pool to raise funds from the other users.


Our own designed of portfolios

The strategy of CPF Capital resides in the diverse portfolios available to our clients. All focused on our areas of expertise, clients decide where to allocate their funds.


Let the unused funds work for you

Funds unused in one of the portfolios or pool investment options can be placed in staking tools in order to generate a profit.

Steady returns

Options for all wallets and experience

Regardless of how much you wish to invest, we have an option for you. Consult our tools and portfolios and see how much you can get based on it.


Send money to other clients

Every CPF Capital client has a unique ID code which can be used to receive funds from other users. Transfers are made instantly and funds are usable straight away.

Low to high risk, CPF Capital designed strategies for all tastes and ambitions. You are in charge of how much return you wish to get for a given period of time.

CPF Capital Blog

CPF Capital writes regularly about investment and money topics. Our team of experts collaborates with successful advisors, investors, managers and entrepreneurs to share their collective knowledge for everyone to be able to know more about the fascinating world and tools of the financial industry.


Would you like to speak to one of our financial advisers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you would prefer.

    Our Portfolios

    5 portfolios with mitigated levels of risks, diverse contract duration and percentage return. You choose where your money gets invested in, and let it grow.