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A flexible investment firm

CPF Capital is a CPF Group company, experts in finance, commerce, trading, logistics and more. Our team combines over 70 years of experience on financial and commercial markets in very expertise-based fields, rendering our investment strategy very efficient and secure for our clients.

Coupled with a team of hardened financial analysts our AI enhances our strategy daily.

Our team is dedicated to discovering, analyzing and implementing new breakthrough companies and actions to our portfolio.

Our offer includes a win-win mindset; meaning our commission fees are charged only when reaching a threshold of earnings to our clients.

Our smart approach

Our renowned platform will allow you to:

  • Invest in our 5 portfolios
  • Invest in investment pools
  • Stake your unused funds
  • Transfer money to other CPF Capital users
  • Request a project to be submitted to a pool
  • And much more

An expertise-based selection

CPF Capital’s investment portfolios are designed based on the expertise of our team. Whether it is from the owners’ or the analysts experience, we only work with industries and companies we know well, and keep studying and following daily.

By selecting any CPF Capital investment portfolio your funds will be allocated to at least three or four of the following:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Space Technology
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Energies
  • and some handpicked actions

Your quarterly reports will precise how each industry has performed and how it impacted your interest gains.

How to get started

Opening an account and starting to invest has been simplified as much as possible to avoid discouraging the first-time investors who are usually overwhelmed by the world of finance and its requirements. Follow these few steps and start generating interest on your capital today.

Step 2

Fund your account

Step 3

Select 1 or more investment tools

Step 4

Let your money grow

Step 5

Withdraw or reinvest your earnings