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The Beginner portfolio, unlike the Hatchling one, is not for first-timers. It is a more complex yet safe set of investment strategies and tools, with a proportional level of returns. Despite these limited risks, this investment portfolio is ideal for people with more money to invest, and usually ready to let it work for longer. It is a good strategy also to make it grow with an objective; for example to invest the earnings on a professional or personal project.

  • A focus on young investors
    Do not risk a large amount of funds you cannot afford to live without. This portfolio allows to take full advantage of a Hedge Fund’s power allowing to get better returns and combining them with the power of Compound Interest.
  • Short/Mid-term goals
    The minimum contract of 12 months is a first step into the financial world of investing. It also allows for greater returns while limiting the risks. Investing the minimum required to launch a contract allows you to get started with a first deposit an a house, or to make enough from the interests to start a small business. Some of our clients even use this portfolio as a retirement or rainy day fund.

The idea behind a mid-term portfolio

CPF Capital’s Beginner Portfolio is ideal for many reasons; You can use it in very creative ways to either counter the inflation rate of money you have sitting in the bank, you can use it to grow it at a pace and level needed to have enough money to buy your first car or property, you can also let it work long-term by renewing the contract each year in order to use it as an emergency fund or retirement plan. The possibilities are endless with this portfolio, and especially useful when still new to the world of finance.

Terms and Conditions

Hereunder are the key features of the CPF Capital Beginner investment contract:

  • Contract Duration: 12 months
  • Frequency of returns: Monthly
  • Percentage of earnings expected per return: 6%
  • Compound Interest Available: Yes
  • Investment Range: From $5000 to $50,000


There are no risk-free investment. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose. For more information on this, please read our Risk Warning.