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The Expert portfolio is a very exclusive one. Before being able to subscribe to a contract with it, a due diligence is performed and signing must be done in person. We limit our amount of clients in this portfolio to 20 contracts active simultaneously because of the level of complexity they entail. Our investment strategy for these clients relies on very specific industries for which a team is dedicated a hundred percent of its time. Before subscribing to it, the client will need to contact us in order to schedule a meeting during which one of our representative will detail the work done for them.

  • A focus on growth and innovation
    With CPF Capital Expert portfolio, our team targets specific industries in which innovation is the only constant. Those are often risky projects with extremely high rewards, and not only does the money provide returns under the form of interests, some specificities make it possible to get equity in some companies, as well as dividends while participating in the development of new technologies and ideas.
  • Long-term goals
    While this contract has no deadline and is renewable yearly, it does require a three year lock-in. This ensures the projects and CPF Capital strategy have the time to take shape and provide results without rushing the people involved in the development of the ground work.

Terms and Conditions

Hereunder are the key features of the CPF Capital Expert investment contract:

  • Contract Duration: 36 months (and yearly renewable after that)
  • Frequency of returns: Yearly
  • Percentage of earnings expected per return: 15% (minimum)
  • Compound Interest Available: Yes
  • Investment Range: From $3,000,000 to $20,000,000


There are no risk-free investment. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose. For more information on this, please read our Risk Warning.