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The Investor portfolio is the first dive into the actual high-finance world of Hedge Funds. It is incredibly more complex than the Hatchling and Beginner Contracts because we work on the traditional model of hedging investment strategies we provide for most of our clients since the company was created. With a higher level of risk, a team is dedicated to managing this portfolio to always apply flexible solutions to market steep turns that would affect your earnings.
Despite these increased risks, this investment portfolio is very safe and provides a high level of returns with the option to reinvest regularly the earnings to grow it at a faster pace.

  • A focus on experienced investors
    Ideal for high net-worth individuals, family offices and companies, this portfolio requires an understanding of the timeframes, strategies and fluctuations of the markets. It is a commitment to growing your wealth at a comfortable pace on a long-term calendar.
  • Long-term goals
    The minimum contract of 24 months is relatively short for investors, however considering the efficiency of the work done by our team, it might feel like long-term. It is also recommended to leave the capital work longer than the minimum contract duration, withdraw partially or not at all the earnings during earning season to take full advantage of the power of compound interests.

The idea behind long-term portfolio

CPF Capital’s Investor Portfolio is our favorite for many reasons; You can use it in very creative ways to either counter the inflation rate of money you have sitting in the bank, you can use it to grow it at a pace and level needed to have enough money to buy properties, start businesses, and even build trust funds for you children.
By renewing the contract at the end of the 24 months minimum duration, you can either reinvest all your earnings + capital, or only the earnings to reinvest your capital for another round, or simply withdraw it all.
The possibilities are endless with this portfolio.

Terms and Conditions

Hereunder are the key features of the CPF Capital Investor investment contract:

  • Contract Duration: 24 months
  • Frequency of returns: Semester
  • Percentage of earnings expected per return: 15%
  • Compound Interest Available: Yes
  • Investment Range: From $50,000 to $250,000


There are no risk-free investment. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose. For more information on this, please read our Risk Warning.