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The Professional portfolio is an intermediate portfolio designed with a clear objective in mind. It is ideal for high net-worth individuals and companies to place money in an investment instrument generating earnings slightly above the average market level, waiting for the time it will be needed. It was developed initially for clients requiring a way to avoid paying taxes on earnings from other business while waiting for an opportunity to invest it elsewhere.
This portfolio will bring you steady returns without risking your capital since it is a “placeholder” portfolio of low-risk and dividend based investments.

  • A focus on protection and growth
    This portfolio is idea when you need to invest funds while looking for opportunities to invest it in a project that excites you. CPF Capital team will ensure a steady growth while limiting the risk to a minimum, yet beating market performance.
  • Short/Mid-term goals
    The minimum contract of 24 months is short and flexible. As you sign in this portfolio’s contract, you will be given the flexibility of cancelling the contract after a determined period of time without penalty. This is the only portfolio for which we allow this flexibility since it was designed specifically to not depend on the total pooling of funds from all the clients under this contract to perform at the level we commit to return earnings.

Terms and Conditions

Hereunder are the key features of the CPF Capital Professional investment contract:

  • Contract Duration: 24 months (flexible)
  • Frequency of returns: Yearly
  • Percentage of earnings expected per return: 9.75%
  • Compound Interest Available: Yes
  • Investment Range: From $250,000 to $3,000,000


There are no risk-free investment. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose. For more information on this, please read our Risk Warning.